About Football Bros

Football Bros is a simple, fast-paced football game with all kinds of crazy action! With online multiplayer gameplay, lots of plays, and all kinds of crazy football action!

The controls are very simple: Use either the arrow keys or wasd to control your bro. Space bar will throw a pass, dive, or stiff arm, depending on the situation.

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Why isn't the game loading?

You should check your internet connection and make sure our site isn't blocked. Also, disable all ad blockers.

How do I play?

Use your arrow keys and space bar! The rest is easy- pick your play and go!

Which browser should I use?

You should use chrome. It is the only browser guaranteed to work. Football Bros has also been tested to work on FireFox and Safari, but not guaranteed.

Do you have a favorite team?

Yes, but we're not saying which one. Drop us an e-mail if you think you know.

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